Reach Your Fitness Goals With the Help of Our Extensive Services and Facilities 




Our Health Centre is designed to help you take your first step towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. What can you expect from our Health Centre staff? When you first join you can expect a series of four separate appointments to be scheduled at your convenience. The purpose of these appointments is to set up your fitness goals and to learn how to achieve them; these appointments also help to orientate you to the Club.

Giving you the best possible start on your new fitness program is our priority. The following series of Health Centre service appointments will ensure you receive the optimum introduction to membership with us. A description of each appointment will be outlined below:

Appointment 1: Fitness Assessment

You will meet with your Fitness Evaluator and during this appointment, you will have your weight; measurements; BMI; blood pressure; and resting heart rate measured. Additionally, your physical strength and flexibility will be assessed. The Fitness Assessment is also designed for you, the member, to tell your Fitness Evaluator what you hope to get out of beginning an exercise program or what you hope to get out continuing an exercise program. We want to know your goals, so we can help you achieve them!

Appointment 2: Personal Program Consultation

On your second visit with your Fitness Evaluator, a personal program consultation will be conducted. Based on the results of your fitness assessment and your fitness goals, your Fitness Evaluator will develop a comprehensive fitness and nutrition program that will help you achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. Your personal fitness program will be determined by taking into account your present fitness level, including your cardiovascular ability; physical strength; physical limitations; past injuries; or existing health conditions.

Appointment 3: Personal Exercise Program

On your third visit with your Fitness Evaluator, you will be guided through your personal exercise program which teaches you proper exercise form and technique, and setting the weight you are to use for each exercise. Most fitness goals can be achieved with three properly performed workout session per week. Your future workouts can be set by appointments if a trainer is required, or you may come in as your schedule allows.

Appointment 4: Nutritional Consultation

As part of this comprehensive program, we will provide a thorough nutritional consultation for you. Proper nutrition makes up the other half of the fitness equation that complements the demands put on your body by the introduction of your new exercise program. One of our nutrition counselors will review your eating habits, and in accordance with your desired fitness/weight loss goals, we will determine your daily required intake of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fats. After we determine the optimal amount of food you should consume on a daily basis; you have the option of allowing us to create a personalized meal-by-meal eating plan that will enable you to lose body fat; to gain lean muscle mass; and to help you achieve your goals in a set time frame.

On a quarterly basis (every 13 weeks) you are eligible for a follow-up assessment. Each assessment will be similar to your first one; we record and compare the results of your previous assessment. Based on the progress you are making, we will adjust both your fitness and your nutrition program to help you continue to make progress. Re-assessment is an important part of keeping you motivated. Measuring the results of each 13-week workout span is the greatest indicator of the positive results that our Program designed with you and our Health Centre staff produces.